Pocket Rockets

This summer, it is essential to your ‘Dapper-Dan look,’ that you take that extra step to doing it right.  What is that step you ask?  Add a pocket square to your repertoire. 

It amazes me when I indulge in conversation with men who are trying to revive themselves as style icons, who simply refuse to wear a pocket square.  It’s so simple and it stands out so much.  Here are some tricks and rules to the pocket square styles this summer:

1. Bandanas are the new pocket squares: This doesn’t mean only bandanas can be worn as pocket squares, but instead means you should never ever again wear one on your head.  Rather, find the proper folding or stuffing method and put it to good use, like this:555a69e5d352ca7a630711132a15d9adeaa1f2b0e101e3b825fcf031bedd6eb32. Trimmed Pocket Squares: The colored trim on a pocket square should compliment your suit/shirt/tie.  It DOES NOT NEED TO MATCH.  As I have stated in previous posts, it is better when it doesn’t match, but instead should cooperate.a95d5327770ccc179549d4c582fd52ba


3. Polka Polka!  That polka dot pattern should not be saved simply for your tie.  Let it fly in and out of your pocket…  It dazzles with every sort of shirt.b2b66203cb76e1c6ce5701c3ab2d01e6f72d4802a4ca58a2e3875e4b01735d914. Plaid is rad: Dazzle with a plaid pocket square and a checkered shirt.  Or a plain shirt.  Or a T-shirt!!  It works with almost anything.fd1b28744c96ed9ef9a5037f28ce7dbd519560c16db2522978270bddf1945c94


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