How To Stand Out This Wedding Season!

Modern day style has evolved so much from what it once was!  No longer are men satisfied with throwing on any pair of jeans with a button down shirt and shitty pair of shoes.  Men now days care about the way they look.  We are trimming, shaving, tapering, tailoring, hygiene-ing and more.  79903a8a1147c23f004d04bae6dfeec7

So you’ve got a wedding and are sick of looking like every other shmuck there?  I’ve already had a number of my buddies come to me for advice on what to wear and where to get it for weddings they wanted to dazzle in.  Here are some quick solutions:

Is the wedding a black tie event?  Meaning, are you required to wear a tux?  Here’s some news, black tie no longer means black tie.  Don’t forget about the midnight blue tux.  Also, the simplest solution can be as easy as changing your shirt.  Not keen on the penguin look?  Slap a pink shirt on your back with a black bow tie and… Boom!b2451329d15abcaef2280c942fcde8a0

Check out a plaid suit: I still don’t own one, but will be searching the web right after this post.  Find a plaid grey, black, or charcoal suit, and dazzle with a pair of wingtips and no socks.e82365bf1e1a70d81931153e3645a1d1

Khaki suits: Khaki suits can look oh so silky smooth in the summer!  A lot of people tend to fuck this look up with the shoes they wear.  Casual it down with a pair of Tretorns.  White or navy.  Trust me.  No socks!!!!49c9613c4fbc1c37d82e0654355b5955

Utilize Your Tie: If you’re going to wear a bow tie, wear a stylish one.  Being from Buffalo, whenever I see a bow tie at a wedding, it is usually from that “Yacht Club” look.  That meaning the tie is filled with all sorts of colors, designs, and is very Vineyard.  There is nothing wrong with these ties, but they just don’t scream, “Sleek.”  Wear some solids, some pale colors, some chambray materials.adc0572c9371760a2952ad89969928f9

Accessorize: It’s a wedding.  Bust out all of your tricks.  Pocket squares, tie bars, colored laces, nice watches, suit pins, cuff links, etc.  Go HAM! c6ef23f21b4ffec93bc6f4a5162b7d63


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