12 Unwritten Rules To Abide By

A certain lovely lady may have inspired me to do this post, so I am giving her credit for this:

Often times we are in situations where we should simply know what to do and sometimes we forget.  Or, which is usually more upsetting, you’re with other people during these situations, and they don’t act the way the are “Supposed” to.  Here are some unwritten rules for those oh so annoying situations.

1. When someone leaves their headphones in their ears when walking by you at the gym, THEY DON’T WANT TO TALK TO YOU!tumblr_lxw1z7C1Ge1qzwc38o1_500

2. Don’t interrupt people.  Let them finish their sentences before you decide to butt in.  I can’t explain how many times I want to jump over the table during meetings when people do this.  People dear to me are very guilty of doing this, so read this and be aware that YOU do it. 159451_big_2763119

3. Chew with your mouth closed.  Once again, people dear to me tend to do this, but for everyone, I say, recognize when you are eating, if your mouth opens even just a smidge when you’re chewing.  And if you’re eating crunch food and you don’t close your mouth, it’s almost like you’re doing it on purpose.a48a3ec655910ceed7974a8ebac28dcc

4. Don’t pee on the seat in public bathroom toilets.  There are urinals for a reason.3385deb678fafde0b24513915afca4cd

5. Don’t abbreviate text messaging.  People appreciate when you spell the entire word out. 39cecafcca1ac19b59d22674a355e254

6. Respond to people when they greet you.  It happened to me this morning, I said, “Hey so and so, how are you doing?” and I got a blank stare back.  Really?  Nothing screams asshole louder than that.  13_melissa_mccarthy

7. Don’t be the person that is impossible to hang up the phone with.how-to-get-off-the-phone-with-someone--3.WidePlayer

8. Tell someone when they have food on their face or their fly is down.i.chzbgr

9. Don’t answer your phone in the movies.  People literally want to punch you in the face.  (this isn’t unwritten)Woman Talking on Cell Phone During Movie

10. Don’t yell “Asshole” when someone drops a cup.  You’re not in high school anymore.  Be funny at least like this scene:

11. Don’t answer your phone when you’re next in line to order. 

12. Don’t naked talk at the gym.tumblr_mewtpxMZXb1rypkdp


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