How to Coordinate Your Style Based on Weight and Age

I’ve gotten into conversations with my Father and men of his generation about whether or not men their age should be wearing slim, or as they say, “Skinny” suits.  We see men on the red carpet wearing ultra slim tuxedos and suits, and I for one think that a lot of them look good (there are certainly exceptions).  But then we watch The Today Show and see Matt Lauer wearing the slim wear and it has people second guessing.  3343823ddec4de0e7e816f69cbbba98e

It seems that people of younger generations wear slimmer clothing, and as age goes up clothing gets a little more spacious (or for lack of a better word, baggy).  It’s just how it works.  Aside from celebrities, older men are not as daring with their wardrobes, and can you really blame them?  You don’t want to see your middle-aged boss who may need to drop a few pounds start showing up in suits that are too slim for him.  Buuuut, as that weight drops, he can sneakily start having his suits tailored a little tighter.

It’s a big dilemma in the fashion world: How do you coordinate your style with your weight and age?  

Weight: As I have written before, slim fitting clothing is made for men who are thick and thin, slim and puffy, overweight and underweight.  A slim fit suit for a man with a size 38 waist is not going to be skin tight on him, rather, it will fit his body better than the suits he is most likely accustomed to.  Get your suits tailored to fit your body so there is not so much wiggle room.  Make sure that if you sit down wit your jacket buttoned, that it seems too tight.  That is a good test for fit on your suit.slimfit-1

But the men with guts don’t want to go slim.  My advice here is do your best to lose the gut.  Start wearing slimmer clothing so that when you put your old gear on, you feel how baggy and out of sort it is.  Get yourself to feel comfortable in slim-wear and uncomfortable in baggy-wear.

Age: Don’t let the fact that you have grown out of your youth days let you second guess wearing slimmer and trendier suit-wear.  I say suit-wear because we have all seen the guy who is striving to be young again by wearing Ed Hardy shirts an Rock & Republic jeans and ends up looking like a real douche bag.  Looking and feeling younger really can be brought out by adding slimmer, more stylish suiting apparels to your wardrobe.444697da32c98c5fd33f4efb558315be

If you are an older gentleman who believes he will look stupid in slim suits, hear this: Don’t compare yourself to the tall and skinny kid wearing a suit that looks like it could fit one of your daughters.  Rather understand the limits in slim-wear and if you need to lose weight, as you do so, don’t just go down in your waist size, get those pants and jackets leaner and meaner.  488166_713163398319_408416445_n

So as you grow in age, don’t forget that the current age you are living is the prime of your life.  50-60-70 really are prime ages, don’t miss your younger days too much, rather try and stay fit and active like you were way back when and realize that people are living longer and your prime is no longer when you were a drunken asshole back in college.


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