Floral is In… But Would You Wear It?

bd1d8f80a3b48c47f3e4085371a5e3edWe’ve seen it in magazines, post game interviews with NBA players, and in the streets of the trendier areas, but my question is, would you wear this?  As I post this, I/you have to understand that all the readers are not ultra trendy or super daring, but are willing and attempting to be more stylish in their everyday lives, but a floral shirt???  Come on right?  Right???

I have to admit to almost buying one the other day…  H&M carried a few of these type of printed florals that had me wondering, “Should I do it?”  Had they had my size, I may have done it.  However, I’ll leave it at that, they didn’t have my size and that’s why I didn’t buy it.

James-Harden-2013-nba-playoffs-fashion-game-4-round-1When I think floral that is appropriate for men, I think that it has to be something like the two patterns you see above.  I believe that Dwayne Wade’s jacket selection that was in some sort of flowered pattern, was atrocious.  His stylist is just a clown, craving attention.  I say his jacket was flowered, because I can’t even call it floral.  Though floral is a feminine word, flowered is much more so, and that’s how I felt when I saw this:BJypmGfCUAAR19QIf we’re talking floral, I believe the first two images can be worn (with extreme caution).  I like the pattern more so for bow ties that I do for button downs and jackets.  So if you see me rocking florals, don’t be overly surprised.  I may do the bow tie first and then venture on to wilder things…





2 thoughts on “Floral is In… But Would You Wear It?

  1. Since when did wearing a floral shirt become part of the feminine domain? What exactly is “appropriate for men”? Why did I not get the memo that caveman was back in?
    I agree with your opinion of the jacket, though I think it would look atrocious on anyone. Gender irrelevant.

  2. All floral patterns just hurt my eyes no matter who is wearing it man or woman. I don’t like it for anyone.

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