Small Things Make a Big Difference

Subtle things really make a big difference in the fashion game, for both men and women.  Women have bags, heels, clutches, hair bands, all sorts of jewelry, nail polish and many other aspects and discrete areas to wear fashionable accessories, that are small in size, but make a considerable difference.  As men, we do not have the luxury that women do when it comes to accessorizing, so we need to be sure to take advantage of what we can when we can.  Here is a list of small/subtle fashion step ups, that are small in size, but can make a huge difference to your fashion game:

1. Pocket Squares: I’ve been preaching pocket squares since day one.  Wear them!  Have many to choose from!  Your pocket square does not need to match your tie.  In fact, I advise you to avoid matching your tie by all means.  Find a great color coordinate and roll with it.  A pocket square’s job is to simply compliment your shirt and tie!photo

2. Tie Bars: Tie bars are not a must.  I wear them about 25% of the time when I’m going HAM.  They can be a simple and effective boost to your man swag,cdd542525b9afaffe8fa8630380c4d76

3. Watches: Watches compliment literally every outfit.  From a T-shirt to a tuxedo, wear a watch!999afad3e26bf7a9868e510511e7e793

4. Cuff Links: If you are wearing a French cuffed shirt, you’d better be wearing some sick cuffs to go along with it.  Cloth and metal cuffs can really go a long way for a man.f0977e517c40661e897f1dd84434f2b2

5. Colored Shoe Laces: Such a simple move for any man to make, the changing of the shoe laces will let people with and without a fashion sense, realize that you do have one.  7412f7254edeeae76a18c6f617592764

6. Color Pins: They’re back, just look at Gatsby.enhanced-buzz-28671-1368211266-17


5 thoughts on “Small Things Make a Big Difference

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