The D Ring Belt

44ef97d75cc81e4401614ae1150b7c80-1The D ring belt is the ultimate casual piece to any wardrobe during these warmer weather seasons.  It’s one of the easiest ways to incorporate color in your wardrobe without having to take any dramatic measures.  A D ring belt can come in leather, cotton, nylon and can be worn with a pair of shorts and a T shirt, to a casual summer suit.  It’ such a convenient piece that men everywhere need to adapt.  34ac44c5f42599ba15bf74eee3e5db83

This belt is made up in so many different patterns and designs and can really complete any outfit with the right color coordinates.  Stop by Tony Walker & Co Men’s shop at 5110 Main Street and check out our display of D ring belts.  We are currently having a supply custom made, and already have a stellar supply from companies like Vineyard Vines and more!  f7d75347e5158e63ac11fb4c8544293cWant to be a bit more preppy without having to pop your collar and wear a bow tie?  Pick up one of these belts and let your style game speak loudly this summer.




4 thoughts on “The D Ring Belt

  1. Tony Walker and Co? Is that store in Buffalo, NY? Wow I was born and raised there – love that store but haven’t been in years! Can any of these belts be bought online? My husband has one but he wore it painting so its got lots of spots on it!

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