Colorful Suspenders Anyone?

f5bc08b52240d68805f507a6de4e03c3Tis’ the season for your ultra prep wear, and what screams it louder than colorful suspenders?  I am a fan of getting preppy’d up when the weather gets to be how it has been, but there are certain limits.  Don’t wear pants with lobsters all over them…  Or any other emblem or logo for that matter.  Often times I see men at country clubs trying way to hard, wearing bright green pants with whales printed all over them.  Usually they’ll wear these on the course or in the clubhouse, and I’m here to say, “No, no.”  Leave those babies for Halloween.

Suspenders are one item I can honestly admit to not owning, but that I am looking to purchase in the near future.  They are by no means, I repeat, no means, something that should be worn everyday, rather they should be worn on occasions.  A fancy cocktail party, a summer wedding, or the memorial day party you’ve been waiting for all winter.

eb6de1be1157c8b718b27daa5cc79af9You don’t want to the guy that wears suspenders and a bow tie on every single occasion he has.  You will be labeled as more of a dork than a style-guy.  I’m not big on these sportscasters that label themselves as the, “Bow Tie Guy”, aside from Bruce Bowen for stellar and appropriate name.  Otherwise, let a pair of suspenders (and a bow tie) be worn when you’re sick of your dark suits and ties.  Mix it up and keep people guessing.




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