Is the Manicured Mustache Back?

I saw The Great Gatsby over the weekend, and aside from the astonishing wardrobes in the film, some other style trends stood out.  From pink suits, to rider boots, to the haircuts, to the facial hair, the film gave us a whole lot of fashion scenarios to debate upon.  Today’s feature topic is the manicured mustache we saw from character Tom Buchanan, played by actor Joel Edgerton.

WFTCRMImageFetchNow days we see the hipsters and the trend setters rocking serious staches.  Facial hair has been a very big thing in today’s style game.  Beards and mustaches are seen on the big screen as well as on the streets, and they have certainly become a trend. hot_or_not_jude_laws_hipster_mustache

So let us know what you think.  I’ve done both the beard and the mustache over the past few months, and it was fun, just could never be permanent.  Experimenting with facial hair can be fun, so give it a go and let us see your hippest, trendiest looks.



2 thoughts on “Is the Manicured Mustache Back?

  1. mustache’s have been “back” for 10 years. I have the pictures to prove it. They’re ironically funny and make no man, sans Burt Reynolds & Tom Selleck, look better. I have never seriously told a buddy that the key to attracting a great lady is a nicely groomed mustache.

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