Let Your Sole Glow

imagesRemember the movie Coming to America, featuring Eddie Murphy and the dude who is dating the girl Eddie’s character falls for?  Remember the product he wore in his hair that made him look like a mix of Prince and Michael Jackson?  That was soul glow.  When I say let your sole glow, I mean, step away from the traditional black and brown dress shoes this summer and aim for a more casual dress shoe.

Find those shnazzy kicks that have a different color sole!  The sole color should blend well with the shoe and not be too dramatic, but this recent shoe modification has been a major perk to the footwear department of men’s fashion.da60aef58434306cdfe4ca713f43c982-1

Johnston and Murphy, J Crew and Grenson do a great job with this particular type of shoe.  You can wear them with khakis and a T shirt, or with your suit and tie game strapped on.  I need a pair now.



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