Steal Style from Grandpa’s Closet

One of my favorite pieces in any man’s wardrobe is a sport coat.  It’s so versatile, it can be worn in so many different ways, it can be worn with so many different clothes, and it can be dressed up or dressed down for literally any occasion.

315924_566363786720134_1787087850_nRemember the pictures of Grandpa that your parents would show you while you were young?  “That Grandfather of yours… He was some catch”, or something along those lines was usually said to you.  Well, chances are, Grandpa had some jackets hidden in his closet over the past years that have more or less been stashed away for good, that are now ready to come out.

The checkered/plaid look is booming.  Match it with the appropriate khakis and boom!  Chances are, Grandpa’s jacket may need some tailoring if you found a keeper.  Not to worry though, stores have brought this look back.  Check out Banana Republic and J. Crew.jon_hamm_plaid_coat

Blazers are always an item that will be in style, or at least socially acceptable.  Go find a solid blue, short blazer, tailor it up and do it right.woe-japanese-blazer-style-sunglasses-650x432

The tan/khaki sport coat kills it with almost any undershirt and any pair of dark pants.  Do it to it Lars.dsc_01691


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