How to Wear a Tux on Any Occasion

You see it at almost every wedding and black tie event, men wearing their tuxes that look more like waiters than anything else.  The Tuxedo is not some new fasset of fashion.  It’s been around for seemingly forever and will never go away.  That does not mean that it can’t evolve…tux

Seriously boys, think about it before you rock the tux to your next big boy event, whatever it may be.  Let’s look at some ways to renovate your tuxedo or find the next big thing for tuxes:

"Les Bien-Aimes" Premiere - 64th Annual Cannes Film FestivalColor: I’ve made it very clear in previous posts that tuxes do not need to be your basic blacks and whites.  I am still a very big believer of the epic, midnight blue tux, but shop around and see that there are other classy shades of blue, in the tuxedo department.  And if you dare to be bold… look into burgundy tuxes!

Casual Tux: Got a wedding to attend and you want to tux it up, but not look like everyone else?  Here’s what you do:

  1. Skip the bow tie
  2. Skip the tuxedo shirt- Tux shirts tend to look similar to that of something Captain Hook would wear under his jacket.
  3. Ditch the black shiny shoes- You’re not renting your tux and shoes from Marty’s 6a00e54f9dd3a28834012876c3c8e6970c-800wiFormal Wear anymore, get yourself into some shnazzy, non-black kicks.
  4. Skip the solid black tie- Go for a striped black and white tie or another matching color coordinate tie to your tux.
  5. Lose the socks- If the weather promotes it, just do it!
  6. Lose the belt- Most tuxes don’t need them, but do what you want with it! 
  7. Wear a non-white dress shirt- Black tux?  Wear a black and white shirt?  Or try a light blue.  Shake it up.
  8. Make your pocket square pop- Find a patterned square that meshes well with your shirt/tie/tux combo.
  9. Use different colored shoe laces- Easy peasy lemon squeezy.

I could go on forever baby (classic Home Alone line)…  Seriously though, never will I be the boring tux guy again.  I just legit got excited writing all of this.


5 thoughts on “How to Wear a Tux on Any Occasion

  1. When men look like waiters in traditional tuxedos it’s because they have no idea of how to wear traditional tuxedos. When’s the last time you saw a tuxedoed waiter with a self-tied bow tie, a properly fitted suit, a properly covered waist, adequately exposed French cuffs, and appropriate formal shoes? Traditional black tie has been perfected by some of the best dressers of the 20th century to make a man look better than any of the alternatives listed here – that’s exactly why it has lasted for over 175 years. It’s quite naive for the average man to think he can improve on the basics if he hasn’t even figured out how to master those basics. Sort of like a guy drinking his first beer then proclaiming himself qualified to produce his own champagne.

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