Develop a Character for Yourself

An aspect of men’s fashion that goes under the radar, is the ability to create an identity for yourself through the way you look.  We see so many trends these days from ultra-hipster to super-prep, but don’t let your wardrobe dictate who you are as a person.

tumblr_mennewEAP41rmd489o1_400I often make the joke that I often dress like this preppy white kid, but then get out of my car listening to hood beats.  It’s so opposite of a cliche, so much so that it creates a new one.  So I am here to say don’t let your haircut, your wardrobe, your car, your watch, or whatever it may be depict how you act.  Just because you dress like a rich guy, doesn’t mean you have to act like one.

You can be a  bearded, lumberjack and still maintain proper 4d033e0a43828c0e1fbf4b2d9e539af5etiquette and table manners. Don’t abide by the stereotypes that go along with the wardrobe.  Don’t change who you are because you change how you dress.  You can still be the guy who dresses like a stud and acts like one as well.  Don’t let your wardrobe change you, instead, develop an identity for yourself with what you wear and how you act, and in doing such, create a new cliche.


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