Don’t Be These 7 Guys at The Gym

There are those that go to the gym to go the gym, and then there are those that go to the gym to do everything but workout.  Here is a list of guys you don’t want to be at the gym:

1. The Social Butterfly: Unlike you, most people go to the gym to get their swell on and burn some calories.  You, on the other hand, like to strike up as many conversations with as many people as humanly possible.  You don’t want to be the guy people make a “B-line” from.  Not sure if this is you?  Here’s a clue.  If you’re talking to someone who had to take their headphones out, that’s sign number one.  If that someone is reaching to put their headphones back in while you’re still talking, you are hands down being, that guy.gym-talk

2. The Grunter: Do you scream and hollar and moan after doing sets of any weight?  Realize that people around you aren’t impressed with the amount you’re lifting.  They’re startled at the noises you’re making.Manhole_Grunter

3. The Flexer: It’s okay to glance at the work you’ve put in and see your muscles all swollen up, but are you the guy that stand in front of the mirror lifting his shirt and flexing his guns???Powerline_fitness_PHG2000W_home_gymThis guy poses like this in front of mirrors rather than flexing.

4. Naked Guy: “Naked Guy” evokes conversation with everyone in the weight room, butt naked.  Naked guy shaves completely naked.  Naked guy makes clothed guys a bit uncomfortable.  Nothing wrong with hopping out of the shower and getting changed all nuded up, but don’t overdo it.  If you have to think about it, you are.Bathroom-Etiquette

5. The guy that bases his workouts around women in yoga pants: This bro is not a bro.  He’s a creep.  He’s the one insisting to spot women on stretches during yoga class.  He’s the one staring at chicks chests while they bust it in spinning class.  You’re creeping bro.

6. The Hardo: This is the guy that walks around singing the lyrics of every song on his iPod.  This guy wears headbands to the gym.  This guy wears arm bands, knee bands, cut off shirts, workout gloves, and usually spikes his hair.  ny1

Can you spot the hardo?

7. The Weight Room Hanson Brothers: These are the dudes hollering at each other to pump out “Two more bro, two more!”  Calling each other pussies when they don’t finish sets, and then bear hugging when they do.  spotter


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