Smell Good, Not Overpoweringly Good

There’s a very different response to someone who walks into a room overly redolent of cologne and someone who comes in with a faint smell of it.  You want to know that as you approach someone for a handshake or a hug that they will enjoy your musk.  You don’t want to be the one gagging them due to the 8 sprays of Drakar Noir (or in some cases, body odor) that you pumped on before you left your home.  Spraying one or two sprays of cologne on your wrists or neck is plenty to get you through the day.  Spray-Perfume

My advice is to spray your neck once or twice and rub your wrists on the moist areas so that you have the scent on different parts of the body.  Don’t be shy to rub it on your shirt after doing such.

Hygiene is a very important feature in men but be aware, there is a certain douche-baggery sense to those who smell as if they just dumped an entire bottle of cologne on them.  Don’t be that guy.  Smell good when she comes in close, when it matters, not when you’re waving to her from across the room.  women-attractive-smell-1


2 thoughts on “Smell Good, Not Overpoweringly Good

  1. Definately. Smelling like you bathed in a fragrance is not a good thing.

    I’d also say that its really important to make sure you moisturise the areas you spray too…helps with projection.

    If ever in doubt, start with less, and add a spray if need be.

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