The Casual Look You Can’t Go Wrong With

You know those times where you get texts from your friend(s) saying, “Let’s go (insert destination here) but you’ve got to be ready in 10 minutes?  Yeah, we’ve all been there.  It’s no sweat for some people to get ready in no time, but for some, ten minutes is pushing it.  Struggling to decide what to wear?

Here’s what most men would do: Run to the closet and find their most reliable pair of jeans with a conservative button down shirt.  With this look, you’ll be sure to look like 90% of men in America.

Here’s what you should do: hunterparrish

Throw on a comfortable pair of khakis with a comfortable pair of shoes, preferably sneakers (converse are always my number one choice).  Remember that conservative button down?  Go ahead and throw that on as well.  Next, is the most important part: throw on a colorful pullover over the button down.  I love jackets like this that have a hood, but that option is up to you.  Go for red, blue, or yellow with this season of warm weather here now and really stud it up.  Boom!  Looks good on all ages:62932_544310321239_3914073_n


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