Dressing Like You’re on Mad Men: When Is It Appropriate?

ALWAYS!  There is never one true occasion where you can truly be overdressed to a point of discomfort.  Standing out in a room for the right reason should make you feel good.  Knowing that people are glancing your way because you’re strapped in stunning attire from head to toe should be flattering.  Standing out in a room for being underdressed is awkward and uncomfortable.  Standing out in a room for being overdressed is appealing and satisfying.mad-men-2

I hate it when I talk to my friends about what they wear to work and they simply refuse to wear a suit or jacket because it is casual dress code and, “No one else does.”  Be bold and daring.  Don’t be afraid to stand out.  Throw on some of your best wardrobes when you can and let people see your inner style.  You never know what will happen in your life, so don’t be the one who waited for the day to go extreme, and never got the chance.  That advice should be looked at as more than style advice.  Use it as a lifestyle guide.  Do what you want and care about today because you don’t know what will happen tomorrow.smartcasmain

So throw on your best suit because it’s a Wednesday and slick that hair over because you’ve never done it before.  Try new things, wear new things, and be confident when doing such.  People will judge, it’s just what they do.  Don’t let them get to you.  People judge because what you do is different than what they are used to.  Laugh them off and strut with pride.  012113


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