How to Break Down Your Suit: Wear on Any Occasion

The great thing about owning a well-tailored, slim fitting suit, is that you can wear it so many different ways.

Work: Throw on your suit,  tie, pocket square, socks, nice belt, dress shoes, and man bag.  Now you’re ready for the big meeting in the office:


Dinner: If you happen to be going out to dinner with the same group of people that have already seen you in your work suit, and don’t want them to believe you’re in the same suit as before, here’s your solution: Change your button down shirt, lose the tie, lose the pocket square (if you’d like), and ditch the socks.  With these tunes made to your outfit, people won’t be focusing on the suit, they’ll see the fact that you look a bit more relaxed in your new look:Photo on 3-22-13 at 1.06 PM

Dress it Down: Dressing down your suit is simple and effective.  Here’s how you do it: Lose the button down shirt and replace it with a loose crew neck pocket T.  Next, switch the pants.  Wear either khakis or jeans (jeans will be more dressed down).  Last, switch the kicks.  Throw on some casual sneakers that mesh well with your suit jacket/pant combo.  When you dress down the suit, you can put the square back in or leave it out, throw in some glasses in that jacket pocket, and the socks are completely up to you.  I say ditch them.380337_641319723619_1758696809_n

url-2Don’t limit your suit, rather, expand it: Travel with your suit jacket on and a comfortable pair of pants and shoes.  Mix and match your jacket/shirt/pant combinations and look damn good doing it.




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