Best Dressed at the NFL Draft

The NFL draft has been hyped these days for its players awkward hugs with Roger Goodell, suit games similar to that of Crag Sager (not good), and big name players going to bad programs. There were a lot of big surprises in last night’s 2013 NFL draft.  Eric Fisher, from Central Michigan went number one to the Kansas City Chiefs in somewhat of a last minute turnaround.  Everyone believed Texas A&M’s tackle, Luke Joeckel would be first to go for the majority of the pre-draft, up until about 36 hours before, there were rumors that Fisher may steal the show.

The Buffalo Bills took the first quarterback of the draft with Florida State’s EJ Manuel.  Manuel is an athletic, mobile QB that could help give Buffalo some much needed explosiveness in their offense.  Not to mention he looked pretty spiffy.

Rather than trying to be overly flashy, a lot of players found the right stylist for this year’s draft and really classed it up.  Let’s run down the best dressed bros from last night’s draft:

Eric Fisher: With the knowledge that he could go number one, he really needed to go with a classy look that wasn’t overly-obnoxious.  He did just that.  With a solid chambray, denim colored button down, under his charcoal-black suit.  Well done:


Dion Jordan: Kid gets to play down in Miami, goes number 3 overall, and dressed like a boss.  You know I love my blues, and this kid pulled out a good one, with a solid bow tie-pocket square combo.  Well done:


Barkevious Mingo: With a name like that, how does he not make the list.  No shot this kid didn’t know he was going to Cleveland with all of that color coordinating.


Tavon Austin: This suit is so sick I can’t stand it.  The color more so than anything.  But Tavon almost blew it with the tie selection.  He needed a black tie with a suit like that.  I took some serious points off for the tie, but the suit was good enough to deem him one of the better dressed dudes: Austin_660_405_042513

Dee Milliner: Not bad.  Not amazing.  But not bad.  2013-04-25-dee-milliner-x-largeEJ Manuel: Wore pink for his mama and her being sick.  Looked good doing it.  Not huge on big pins, but he did it well:ej-manuelEric Reid: A double breasted suit that buttons regularly?  Thoughts?  It was okay.  Nothing special, but thought people should see it:eric_reid_167507264Sharrif Floyd: I was a fan of the grey, pink, black look last night.


Here are some of the night’s could haves:

Geno Smith: Proving why you shouldn’t go to the draft unless it’s a sure thing.  Now he needs a new suit.  Your original suit was solid, your tie was solid, but you buttoned both buttons on your suit.  That’s a no no.  Suit was good though.   Geno Smith

Cordarrelle Patterson: The belt was too much, but I honestly didn’t mind the rest.  You didn’t need to be so showy with it bro, but overall, I liked it:



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