Styles We Aren’t Big On



A lot of people, companies, and more that like to consider themselves stylists, are often a bit too focused on the audacity level of fashion.  That is, the daring and willingness to try and attempt new things and styles.  Like I have said before, just because it is different, does not mean it is in style.  Kanye West has been seen wearing a black leather kilt, AKA a skirt, while performing.  This is just one of many things you won’t see us posting about.  Here are a list of things that some people love, that we say to hold off on:

1. Driver Hats- Hats are a tricky thing for people these days.  Some try to pull off the new, cool, hipster-type look and epically fail.  A driver hat should be left for drivers.  Unless you decide to dress as a driver or have a full-time occupation as a driver, leave this…

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