5 Ways to Eliminate Wrinkles and Aging Skin on Your Face


Aging is a privilege, and with that privilege, comes the physical waring down of skin.  People go to such extreme measures to make sure aging does not take effect on them, such as surgeries and banned substances.  Here are some natural ways to eliminate wrinkles and minimize aging:

1. Rub it out: When you wake up in the morning, pinch and rub the wrinkled spots under your eyes or on your cheeks and watch them fade.

2. H2O: Staying hydrated is an essential part of keeping your skin healthy and young.  Try and drink 5-8 glasses per day.

3. Use Moisturizers daily: Not only use moisturizers, but try to find ones that contain an SPF 15 sunscreen in them.  Protecting your skin from the sun and keeping it moist will be sure to keep you looking younger and healthier.

4. Use Skin Buffer: Find some sort of scrub/buffer and use twice a week.  The buffer will eliminate dead skin cells and will keep your face looking fresh.

5. Eat and Drink Better: Drink green teas and eat super foods!!


One thought on “5 Ways to Eliminate Wrinkles and Aging Skin on Your Face

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