Slim Fit for Every Size and Body

I was skeptical to choose this title because I thought that it would only attract a specific crowd.  I want everyone to read this article and understand this concept:

Today’s Tip of the Day is: Slim fit is not just for slim guys.indobosfeat

Big guys can wear slim fitting clothing as well.  By big I mean muscular, husky, overweight, flat out fat, and large.  They make slim fitting attire for men of a bigger size.  Got a 38-40 size waist and looking for a nice new suit?  No big deal.  It won’t be a skinny suit, but it can be a slim suit.  The slim fit is a whole different fit in a larger man, but is still meant to make you look more stylish than that of your baggy pants.

Let’s face it, a lot of guys have a gut/belly.  If not for that, your waist would be down a few sizes.  But just because you have that belly, doesn’t mean you have fat legs.  Pants above a size 34 that are not slim cut will be baggy and make you look out of whack.  slimfit-1

Slim fitting pants, suits, shirts, polos and jackets will not make a large man look puffy.  I know many men fear that they would bulge out of their new, slim attire, but fear not.  Designers are aware that this is the new style in today’s day and age and they want you to look as good as you can in your new gear.38th AFI Life Achievement Award Honoring Mike Nichols - Show

Slim fitting clothing will make a bigger man look slimmer!  When skinny guys where skinny suits, people always make remarks about how the wearer is too skinny and say things like, “Eat a sandwich.”  It’s true, a skinny suit really shows how skinny someone is.  But a slim suit on a big guy ca lead to comments such as, “You’ve lost weight, eh?”

So listen up big boys, when you see the “Slim Fit” section in the store, do not walk away.  Find your size and see how much better you will look.  Enough with the over-baggy shirts that bulge out of your pants.  Style it up and slim it down.


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