Keep Cool This Summer

The fabric of the summer is linen.  Linen has evolved over the past year, where normally you see people wearing linen shirts that are not slim fitting, as sort of the, “Summer look”, now linen can be worn in many different ways.

Linen Suits are the suit for summer for sure.  The lighter fabric will allow you to be able to keep your suit and tie fastened all dy.  It’s breathable, fashionable, and most importantly, comfortable.  Use it as separates and wear the pants or jacket with other pieces.  Check J Crew.Groom's Suits

Linen Dress Shirts have grown to be much more stylish and wearable.  Companies like Banana Republic bave developed a slim-fitting linen shirt that can be worn comfortably under a suit coat with a tie.  The light material is truly the way to go in this coming warm weather. Slim Fit Linen-Cotton Button-Down Shirt - Red


2 thoughts on “Keep Cool This Summer

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