Spring Bling

In the chunk episodes I have seen of AMC’s hit series, Mad Men, I remember Don Draper saying men really shouldn’t wear jewelry, as a woman placed a pair of cuff links on his shirt sleeves.  Some jewelry is okay, not to worry.  It’s more the case of being careful of wearing too much of it.  Don’t pile on with a chain, a watch, a bracelet, earrings and more. Be cautious and wear a seldom amount.

If you are looking for some bling to shine this spring, you should focus on watches, watch bands, and cloth bracelets.  

Watches: Check out watches from companies like Jack Spade, Guess, Lacoste, and more.  Don’t focus on dropping serious coin on watches this spring.  Find some that are under $400 by searching these brands and googling watch selections.jack_spade_conway_38mm_watch-1

Watch Bands: Bring some color into your watch collection this spring by buying some colorful, cloth watch bands.  Search for watches with these bands on them and also buy some separately to change things up.WURU0058_704

Cloth Bracelets: A company known as Kiel James Patrick has blown up over the past few years for accessories as simple as a cloth bracelet.  They usually have a metal clip connecting the straps around the wrist, and it gives a nice little touch to the bling.  Check other brands like Vineyard Vines for more selections on similar products.Cape-Spencer-Approached


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