Stay Productive at Work

Having trouble tackling the corporate grind?  Do you plan to get stuff done, but then it never happens?  Find yourself falling asleep at your desk getting that 2:30 feeling?  We’ve all been there, sometimes the work day is grueling, tiresome, and stressful while other days  you feel unstoppable.  The internet is full of tips to help you stay on top of your work, stay motivated, and stay energized.  We’ve taken the liberty to compile a list of these tips to help keep you productive at work.

1.   Elevate your energy

  • Listen to motivating, and upbeat music while you’re grinding through your day.  Not only will this help you keep energy high, but it can also be a good stress reliever.
  • If you’re going to snack, snack healthy.  Avoid the unhealthy foods in the vending machines, and opt for high-protein, high-fiber snacks.
  • Stay hydrated, stay focused.  Enough said.
  • Grab an early morning workout to give you energy to last you the whole day.

2.   Arrive Early

  • Sure your coworkers may be your friends, and provide an outlet for social stimulation, but they’re also keeping you from your work.  Get into the office before the office gets busy and you will find yourself being able to better focus on the task at hand.

3.   Stay off Social Media.

  • Unless your job is in PR or managing social media for your company or clients then stay off of it.  A lot of companies have tools in place in their browser security settings that block you from accessing these types of sites.  Obviously, most people have smartphones and this is more than accessible at any time and any place.  Do yourself a favor and just forget about it while you are working.  If your company doesn’t already do it, use apps like Leechblock (Firefox Extension) or Nanny (Google Chrome) to block out times when you can’t access social media and other distracting sites.

4.   Make Lists

  • I find myseld to be much more productive when I make a To Do List at the onset of every day.  This helps me stay on task as well as provide personal satisfaction when I can cross deliverables of a physical list.  Additionally, try to set goals, for the day, week, month, and year.

5.   Is a Meeting Really Necessary?

  • Eliminate unnecessary meetings.  No, you do not need a meeting to think about how to plan another meeting.  It is simply a waste of everyone’s time.  When you do hold meetings, try to have a predetermined agenda to keep yourself and the participants on tasks.  It may also help to keep meeting minutes so that people that couldn’t make it remain in the “know.”  This could help possibly revisiting the topic down the road because one person couldn’t make it.

6.   Get the Blood Flowing

  • It can be difficult to sit sedentary at a desk for hours on end during the work day.  Try to find time in your schedule to get up from your desk, take a brief walk, and get your blood flowing.  It also serves as a way to decompress and clear your mind.

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