The Skinny-Fat Guy

No one can really notice, right?  You’re tall and you’re skinny… For the most part?  But are you one of those where your shirt covers up what you don’t want people to see?  If so, you are in much better shape than slimming and trimming your body than an actual, overweight person.twotypes

Take advantage of your genetics and only focus on the first part of this feature, “Skinny.”  Chances are you’ve had a great metabolism for all of your childhood and as you aged, you watched things slow, and possibly begin to sag.  It’s okay, it’s natural.  It is the reality of aging.  But don’t you want to look tight rather than droopy this summer for the beach?  Unless you are like everyone in Hollywood, who uses whatever surgeries, supplements, stem cells, anti-aging sprays, or whatever they get their hands on, you’ll notice that you may need to work a little harder to continue to look the way you would like to.

imagesFirst, your diet: I’ve seen it firsthand with many people, men and women, that is they have always drank beer and pop, and tend to not follow the healthiest of eating plans.  Be careful with the heavy (carbonated) brews and the overly sugary pops and sports drinks.  Try and substitute water in place of these whenever you can.  Also, if you feel the need to drink, find a way to switch things up from the overload of beers you tend to order.  Try drinking wine or gin with a splash of tonic (with a lime).  You’ll look better drinking these rather than 12 beers at the bar.

TS-HE_Beer-vs-Liquor_s4x3_leadThe food aspect of the diet is one you should also try and figure out.  Try eliminating gluten when possible, substitute white bread for whole grain, eliminate fried foods and fast foods, and try to find healthy snacks, rather than the junk you’ve been munching on like an 18 year old stoner.

muscles1Second, your workout: Start doing half hour workouts, 4 days a week.  There aren’t many people who can honestly say that they don’t have a half hour to spare.  Use a workout ball and start busting out crunches everyday (200).  Start practicing muscle-building workouts.  This doesn’t mean hit the heavy weights every day, rather, try some pushups, pull ups, dumbbell presses, kettle ball swings, burpees, and others.  Find a healthy mix of these workouts and be sure to participate four days a week.  Boost your workouts when you are ready, with time and reps, and over time (don’t be impatient) you will be ready for the beach.  Involve some cardio in whichever days you can to be sure you are burning off the most possible calories and in doing such, tightening everything in your body.


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