Make Your Collar Pop Without Popping It

This fashion trend that is emerging in the spring, is one that should be celebrated all year long: The collar tab.  Tab collar men

The collar tab is literally a tab, or button, that is underneath the collar and can be fastened underneath a tie.  It’s purpose is to hold your collar down and give it a clean, tight, and comfortable look that is meant to compliment your tie as well as your mug.  Tab-Collar

This trend has been around for a while but is now coming into play bigger than ever.  Along with the collar tab goes the Collar Pin.  I am a recent discoverer of the collar pin.  By this I mean that I have not worn it until over the past year.  The collar pin serves the same purpose as the collar tab, so wearing both may be a bit over the top, but regardless of which you choose, you’ll look sharp.  The collar tab pin is a bit more flashy than the tab, so keep this in mind.  Next big time event you have to go to, where a basic collar with a collar pin, underneath your best tie and crisp shirt.  It’ll look very stellar.  Roger-Sterling

Rules of the collar pin:

  1. Do not wear a collar pin with a spread collar shirt: It will take away from the collar, and that is not what the pin is supposed to do.  No collar pins with spread collars!
  2. Do not wear a collar pin if you are wearing a tie bar: Less is more in this case.  Choose one or the other.

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