Baseball Beards?

Will Josh Reddick shave that thing off his face now that he broke his season-opening 0-10 slump? 960x595

We’ll see.  He knocked 4 RBIs in yesterday against Seattle and it was the first time I’ve spotted this big boy beard.  That’s seriously official.  Dude probably hasn’t shaved since the last game of last season.  It takes time and dedication to grow a beard like that.

The question is, will baseball beards ever become a trend?  Don’t shave if you’re slumping?  Playoff beards?  Don’t shave until your team’s winning percentage is above .500?

We’ve seen it in hockey for all our lives: The playoff beard.  We’ve seen it in basketball recently with the Mavericks, who vowed not to shave until they won more games than they had lost.  But will it ever become a thing in baseball?  werthbeard3

Part of being a baseball player is experiencing all the goofy facial hair trends and chewing as much tobacco as you can, right?  And if there’s a sport that beards would be the most manageable  I’d have to give it to baseball.  No helmets or straps to go over it and 162 game-long season to grow it.  Why not?

I fully expect to see guys like Reddick, Werth, Hamilton, and more experience with as much trendy/goofy facial hair trends as they can.  But the question is, will the beard make a big time appearance in the MLB this year?


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