How to Step Up Your Office Game

56910ffdd8f8c18245c2d196d2d774b9-1Nothing’s worse than bringing in a client to your office (or cube) and it looking like a scene out of the 90s-like movie, Office Space.  Outdated,  overloaded with TPS reports, a calculator, and a fold up chair.  Remember the ever so popular cliche, you can only make a first impression once.  Well this speaks for your office as well.  Allow the viewing eye to be impressed with your humble abode.  You want questions like, “Where did you get that?” or comments like, “Sharp office!”  Here are some products and simple solutions that can allow your office game to be as sleek and stylish as you want it to be:

Have a Decanter and Nice Glasses: Whether it’s whiskey or water, it is so much more sleek to be able to offer someone a drink in a nice rocks glass rather than running and grabbing them a plastic cup of water.images-1

Drink Selections: Maybe have yourself a few Pellegrino bottles stored away under your desk or in a nearby cabinet.

Headphones: Hopefully you’re allowed to have headphones at work…  If so, get yourself a nice pair of Dre Beats or Sony headphones.  They look good and sound better.  It’s just one of those items that someone probably won’t try on, but when they see them they’ll know you invested in some soli products for work.  Beats-Dr.-Dre

TV: I say this for a slimmer portion of the readers.  if you have a big boy office, make it official and get yourself a nice flat screen to go along with it.

Desk: If you can, try and have yourself some sort of oak wood desk.  If you have any sort of wooden desk, be sure to polish it and keep it tidy!  You don’t want piles of shit all over the place so that your desk is reminiscent of your college dorm room.

Reading Material: Do yourself a favor and equip your office with a few nice books and magazines.  I always have some copy of GQ or any other men’s magazine for people to glance at.  Better yet, have this website (J Norman Post) open for people to see.images-2

Chair: You’re sitting in the desk for what could be up to 12 hours a day.  Get yourself a nice chair that supports your back, keeps you comfortable, and looks sharp!

Wall Hangings/Art: Have some pictures to look at.  I’m not just talking about your JV stint on the diving team photos, I mean some nice art.  It can be real or fake, but put something in a frame and hang it up.  voice-art-office


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