Dressing Like You’re on Mad Men: When Is It Appropriate?

ALWAYS!  There is never one true occasion where you can truly be overdressed to a point of discomfort.  Standing out in a room for the right reason should make you feel good.  Knowing that people are glancing your way because you’re strapped in stunning attire from head to toe should be flattering.  Standing out in a room for being underdressed is awkward and uncomfortable.  Standing out in a room for being overdressed is appealing and satisfying.mad-men-2

I hate it when I talk to my friends about what they wear to work and they simply refuse to wear a suit or jacket because it is casual dress code and, “No one else does.”  Be bold and daring.  Don’t be afraid to stand out.  Throw on some of your best wardrobes when you can and let people see your inner style.  You never know what will happen in your life, so don’t be the one who waited for the day to go extreme, and never got the chance.  That advice should be looked at as more than style advice.  Use it as a lifestyle guide.  Do what you want and care about today because you don’t know what will happen tomorrow.smartcasmain

So throw on your best suit because it’s a Wednesday and slick that hair over because you’ve never done it before.  Try new things, wear new things, and be confident when doing such.  People will judge, it’s just what they do.  Don’t let them get to you.  People judge because what you do is different than what they are used to.  Laugh them off and strut with pride.  012113


How to Break Down Your Suit: Wear on Any Occasion

The great thing about owning a well-tailored, slim fitting suit, is that you can wear it so many different ways.

Work: Throw on your suit,  tie, pocket square, socks, nice belt, dress shoes, and man bag.  Now you’re ready for the big meeting in the office:


Dinner: If you happen to be going out to dinner with the same group of people that have already seen you in your work suit, and don’t want them to believe you’re in the same suit as before, here’s your solution: Change your button down shirt, lose the tie, lose the pocket square (if you’d like), and ditch the socks.  With these tunes made to your outfit, people won’t be focusing on the suit, they’ll see the fact that you look a bit more relaxed in your new look:Photo on 3-22-13 at 1.06 PM

Dress it Down: Dressing down your suit is simple and effective.  Here’s how you do it: Lose the button down shirt and replace it with a loose crew neck pocket T.  Next, switch the pants.  Wear either khakis or jeans (jeans will be more dressed down).  Last, switch the kicks.  Throw on some casual sneakers that mesh well with your suit jacket/pant combo.  When you dress down the suit, you can put the square back in or leave it out, throw in some glasses in that jacket pocket, and the socks are completely up to you.  I say ditch them.380337_641319723619_1758696809_n

url-2Don’t limit your suit, rather, expand it: Travel with your suit jacket on and a comfortable pair of pants and shoes.  Mix and match your jacket/shirt/pant combinations and look damn good doing it.



Best Dressed at the NFL Draft

The NFL draft has been hyped these days for its players awkward hugs with Roger Goodell, suit games similar to that of Crag Sager (not good), and big name players going to bad programs. There were a lot of big surprises in last night’s 2013 NFL draft.  Eric Fisher, from Central Michigan went number one to the Kansas City Chiefs in somewhat of a last minute turnaround.  Everyone believed Texas A&M’s tackle, Luke Joeckel would be first to go for the majority of the pre-draft, up until about 36 hours before, there were rumors that Fisher may steal the show.

The Buffalo Bills took the first quarterback of the draft with Florida State’s EJ Manuel.  Manuel is an athletic, mobile QB that could help give Buffalo some much needed explosiveness in their offense.  Not to mention he looked pretty spiffy.

Rather than trying to be overly flashy, a lot of players found the right stylist for this year’s draft and really classed it up.  Let’s run down the best dressed bros from last night’s draft:

Eric Fisher: With the knowledge that he could go number one, he really needed to go with a classy look that wasn’t overly-obnoxious.  He did just that.  With a solid chambray, denim colored button down, under his charcoal-black suit.  Well done:


Dion Jordan: Kid gets to play down in Miami, goes number 3 overall, and dressed like a boss.  You know I love my blues, and this kid pulled out a good one, with a solid bow tie-pocket square combo.  Well done:


Barkevious Mingo: With a name like that, how does he not make the list.  No shot this kid didn’t know he was going to Cleveland with all of that color coordinating.


Tavon Austin: This suit is so sick I can’t stand it.  The color more so than anything.  But Tavon almost blew it with the tie selection.  He needed a black tie with a suit like that.  I took some serious points off for the tie, but the suit was good enough to deem him one of the better dressed dudes: Austin_660_405_042513

Dee Milliner: Not bad.  Not amazing.  But not bad.  2013-04-25-dee-milliner-x-largeEJ Manuel: Wore pink for his mama and her being sick.  Looked good doing it.  Not huge on big pins, but he did it well:ej-manuelEric Reid: A double breasted suit that buttons regularly?  Thoughts?  It was okay.  Nothing special, but thought people should see it:eric_reid_167507264Sharrif Floyd: I was a fan of the grey, pink, black look last night.


Here are some of the night’s could haves:

Geno Smith: Proving why you shouldn’t go to the draft unless it’s a sure thing.  Now he needs a new suit.  Your original suit was solid, your tie was solid, but you buttoned both buttons on your suit.  That’s a no no.  Suit was good though.   Geno Smith

Cordarrelle Patterson: The belt was too much, but I honestly didn’t mind the rest.  You didn’t need to be so showy with it bro, but overall, I liked it:


This Spring’s Hottest Trends



Spring is nearly here and if you’re like me, you’re hoping it better stop fucking teasing and just put out.  As I look out my office window and see a slushy snow all over the ground, I just sit and reminisce of the sunny days that once were.  They’re coming soon.  And with them will come new fashion trends.  Wanna get ahead of the game?  Take notes:

Colored Desert Boots: Clarks, Opening Ceremony, and Cole Haan are the way to go!

Colored Pants/Shorts: I just recently referred some pants to a friend and hope he makes a good choice, but the way to go with pants today is to find a solid straight leg/slim cut.  Whether it is a denim or khaki you are looking for.  Straight leg and slim are mandatory!  As for the shorts, keep them above the knee this year boys. I love J Brand and J Crew…

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Styles We Aren’t Big On



A lot of people, companies, and more that like to consider themselves stylists, are often a bit too focused on the audacity level of fashion.  That is, the daring and willingness to try and attempt new things and styles.  Like I have said before, just because it is different, does not mean it is in style.  Kanye West has been seen wearing a black leather kilt, AKA a skirt, while performing.  This is just one of many things you won’t see us posting about.  Here are a list of things that some people love, that we say to hold off on:

1. Driver Hats- Hats are a tricky thing for people these days.  Some try to pull off the new, cool, hipster-type look and epically fail.  A driver hat should be left for drivers.  Unless you decide to dress as a driver or have a full-time occupation as a driver, leave this…

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5 Ways to Eliminate Wrinkles and Aging Skin on Your Face


Aging is a privilege, and with that privilege, comes the physical waring down of skin.  People go to such extreme measures to make sure aging does not take effect on them, such as surgeries and banned substances.  Here are some natural ways to eliminate wrinkles and minimize aging:

1. Rub it out: When you wake up in the morning, pinch and rub the wrinkled spots under your eyes or on your cheeks and watch them fade.

2. H2O: Staying hydrated is an essential part of keeping your skin healthy and young.  Try and drink 5-8 glasses per day.

3. Use Moisturizers daily: Not only use moisturizers, but try to find ones that contain an SPF 15 sunscreen in them.  Protecting your skin from the sun and keeping it moist will be sure to keep you looking younger and healthier.

4. Use Skin Buffer: Find some sort of scrub/buffer and use twice a week.  The buffer will eliminate dead skin cells and will keep your face looking fresh.

5. Eat and Drink Better: Drink green teas and eat super foods!!

Get Excited for The Great Gatsby

reg_1024.Gatsby.mh.122112If you’re into style, class, sex, fashion, action, drama, and good acting, The Great Gatsby is a film you should be jacked up about.  The cast is caught wearing the most dapper of attires that include double breasted suits, three piece suits, glamorous dresses, immaculate linens, the best men’s and women’s shoes, top notch hats, and so much more.  Just take a look at the trailer and see for yourself:

I wasn’t thrilled with the music selection for the trailer at first, but it has since grown on me. I believe the director wanted to make a more modern day feeling with this film and attract a younger generation of viewers, as well as the crowd that is already familiar with the story.  The Great Gatsby was a book written by F. Scott Fitzgerald that most 6th graders were forced to read.  I believe this was one of those books where I was quizzed weekly on it.  I think I’d read 20 pages then spark note the next 20 and keep that trend rolling until book report time.  I remember the book being entertaining, even at that age, but there were other modern day features that made the movie an excitement for me to see:

In HBO’s hit series, Entourage, character Vincent Chase lands the lead role as Nick Carraway in the remake of the movie The Great Gatsby, to be directed by Martin Scorsese.  I believe that this caught the eye of many men in America and will bring some of them in to see the film, this coming May.  The studio that produced this film, today, I’m sure had that in the back of their minds.

In the film, Fever Pitch, there is a scene where Jimmy Fallon and Drew Berrymore’s character attend a themed party that forces Jimmy’s character, Ben, to miss a big Red Sox game.  The theme of the party was a “Gatsby party”.  Somewhat of a roaring 20s theme, everyone dresses like it’s 1922.  The men suit and tie up, while slicking their hair and wearing shiny shoes and suspenders, while the women wear stunning, old school dresses, curl their hair like a bob, wear those fun headbands that they all like, and sip champagne through the night.  2009_10_20stlawrence

The Great Gatsby will show the glory and glamour of the wealthiest crowd of the 1920s and the drama that comes along with it.  Be sure to throw yourself a Gatsby party soon or start dressing a little more like the cast of this movie in the next few weeks and just get into the mood.  The story is great, and I really hope the film will capture it’s greatness.  They certainly landed a good cast and I will be anticipating the reviews and numbers upon the release.

Slim Fit for Every Size and Body

I was skeptical to choose this title because I thought that it would only attract a specific crowd.  I want everyone to read this article and understand this concept:

Today’s Tip of the Day is: Slim fit is not just for slim guys.indobosfeat

Big guys can wear slim fitting clothing as well.  By big I mean muscular, husky, overweight, flat out fat, and large.  They make slim fitting attire for men of a bigger size.  Got a 38-40 size waist and looking for a nice new suit?  No big deal.  It won’t be a skinny suit, but it can be a slim suit.  The slim fit is a whole different fit in a larger man, but is still meant to make you look more stylish than that of your baggy pants.

Let’s face it, a lot of guys have a gut/belly.  If not for that, your waist would be down a few sizes.  But just because you have that belly, doesn’t mean you have fat legs.  Pants above a size 34 that are not slim cut will be baggy and make you look out of whack.  slimfit-1

Slim fitting pants, suits, shirts, polos and jackets will not make a large man look puffy.  I know many men fear that they would bulge out of their new, slim attire, but fear not.  Designers are aware that this is the new style in today’s day and age and they want you to look as good as you can in your new gear.38th AFI Life Achievement Award Honoring Mike Nichols - Show

Slim fitting clothing will make a bigger man look slimmer!  When skinny guys where skinny suits, people always make remarks about how the wearer is too skinny and say things like, “Eat a sandwich.”  It’s true, a skinny suit really shows how skinny someone is.  But a slim suit on a big guy ca lead to comments such as, “You’ve lost weight, eh?”

So listen up big boys, when you see the “Slim Fit” section in the store, do not walk away.  Find your size and see how much better you will look.  Enough with the over-baggy shirts that bulge out of your pants.  Style it up and slim it down.