What a Month for JT

url-2Justin Timberlake has certainly take the role of man of the month.  The multi-talented musician/actor/whatever has been featured in GQ, hosted Saturday Night Live, released a new album, and has been deemed the best dressed man over the past short period of time.  He has released two hit singles from this album and seems to be “living it up”  Not a bad month Justin, not a bad month.

JT is a bit feminine for most men’s liking, but I feel as if people are starting to open up a bit for him.  His SNL hosting this past month was his 5th time doing so, and though it received an immense amount of hype, I thought it was overrated by just a smidge.  That being said, I still do think he was hilarious, and I am willing to admit I am a fan.  His “Vegan-Ville” skit was probably the best of the night.url-3

I deem Justin Timberlake the best dressed man of the month and can say with confidence he is having a quite successful month to top it off.

Here are some bits from the SNL show a few weeks ago:


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