Remember that time that you had an entire conversation with some people you don’t know very well and after it was over you go to the bathroom, look in the mirror, and see that you had something hanging out of your nose.  And remember how your colleagues and friends were in on this conversation as well?  And how none of them said anything to you or gave you that secret nose swipe, indicating you had anything up there?  Yeah, that’s no good.url-1

Today’s tip of the day is to speak up when situations like that arise.  Don’t let your coach or boss give a speech with a piece of spinach in his/her teeth.  Be the one to say something and know that the person you are informing will be forever grateful.  Trust me, it’s much more embarrassing to figure it out on your own after it’s too late than to be informed by your peers.  Be a dude and speak up for whoever needs it.  They’ll appreciate it.


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