A Trend We’re Not Sold On

The roll-neck sweater, AKA the turtle neck (but with a roll) is a trend that J Norman Post has yet to jump on the bandwagon for.  We’re seeing companies like Gucci pump out thousand dollar cashmere roll-necks that I flat out would never wear.  Trends are trends and they start and end rather dramatically.  I remember, years ago when the turtle neck sweater was in, but I am not ready to make this retro style revamp just yet.  



4 thoughts on “A Trend We’re Not Sold On

  1. Joe, I have been debating this issue as well. I think that the certain slimmer-fit turtleneck may look decent tucked into a pair of slim fit trousers, with the appropriate overcoat. It’s something I’ve been afraid to venture into as well, however I have seen Gucci models do it well in their past RTW ’12 winter collections.

    • You rock it Jimmy Z and then we’ll have a vote. I can’t get myself to do it just yet, so I vote you as the goat on this one. I feel like this is just one of those where there is more risk than trying a different cut of pants or say a different length in jacket. Do it to it.

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