The Evolution of the Denim Jacket

The denim jacket is an item that men will be a bit cautious to wear.  From the “Denim Dan” jokes to the greaser references, a lot of men feel that the jean jacket is way past its prime.  Outside of areas like LA and New York, I can’t imagine you’d see many men sporting the denim jacket in a stylish manor.  url-2

We’re here to give this newly rejuvenated jacket life again in the, not-so-trendy areas.  The denim jacket has re-evolved into a stylish piece for men and will be seen quite often in the fall of 2013.  Don’t be afraid to bust it out in the spring, but the fall will be the season of the denim jacket.  Just here to give you the head start.  The denim jacket is back!  Try it on and see what you think. url-1

Make sure you do it the right way though.  Don’t wear a denim jacket on top of denim pants or a denim shirt.  Try wearing it underneath a sport coat and then venture out and wear it on its own.

Take a look at the video here where the white dude sports a pretty stylish denim jacket with a striped shirt underneath:


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