Can You Wear This With That?

In the fashion world, we often hear this question in some form: Can I wear brown with black?  Can I wear shoes with no socks?  Can I wear this with that?

Today’s, Can I wear this with that question is: Can I wear a polo shirt with a suit?  The quick answer: Yes.poloshirt_cro-1

There are many outfits that, even as men, we can put on and feel insecure about.  This shouldn’t be one of them.  When wearing some sort of polo with a suit or suit jacket, I prefer the material of the polo to be a softer, cotton-like material.  A cotton pique polo is tougher to wear with a linen or cotton suit than that of a 100% cotton polo.  So my advice here, is to wear a full on, cotton polo when going for the suit/polo shirt combo. url


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