Would You Wear This?

I feel like there is another term for this item I am about to describe, but the neckerchief or neck scarf, is an item you tend to see in movies, ultra hip communities, or super trendy show rooms.  The neckerchief is an item that men wear around their neck, usually underneath a button down shirt.  The neckerchief can take the form of a scarf, but is usually more like a bandana.  I have worn this trend on a select few occasions, but this is something that shouldn’t be abused.  I’ve seen people wear the neckerchief so that it hangs down over a T shirt and makes a triangle-like shape and then I’ve seen it done so that it is rolled up and tucked under the button down shirt.  I have yet to be so bold as to try it with a button down shirt; possibly because Buffalo, NY isn’t ready for that, or because it’s just too much.

So my question is, Would you wear this look?  The Neckerchief:



photourl-3Under some circumstances, if done the right way, I don’t mind it.  Be daring.




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