The Perks of the Pink

Most men love the pink…  Pink is one of the most complimentary colors you can sport.  It goes with grey, blue, and black, your most basic of colors that you should be wearing most often.  Especially with spring time rolling in and summer not too far off, pink is still in.  url

I remember in high school, when dudes first started wearing pink button down shirts to school, and seeing the trend continue on into today.  One of my favorite looks is a navy blue suit (or just jacket) with a pink button down shirt and a royal or navy blue tie.  I believe that pink and blue cooperate so greatly!  Be sure to weary your navy and pink or your royal blue and pink this spring.  Check our color coordinate article.Photo on 1-18-13 at 10.14 AM

Don’t forget your grey suit (or jacket) with a pink button down and a black (or other dark colored) tie.  Such a studly look that takes a big step, but not too big of one.



3 thoughts on “The Perks of the Pink

  1. @thejourney21…. you need to get a clue.

    @J Norman…. I am quite sure those are not prescription glasses. Ultimate faux pas… definitely uncool. Nerd city for sure.

    (high-fiving the dude standing next to me right now)

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