It’s Real Easy to Look Real Stupid Wearing…

There are a plethora… Let me repeat, a plethora, of clothing items that you can look real stupid, real easily in.  I plan on making this a little segment, you know, focusing on clothing that it is easy to look bad in, but if you wear it appropriately, you can look great in.

Today I’d like to focus on the semi-popular, bright and obnoxious colors.  You know them:

  • Lime Green
  • Bright Yellow
  • Bright Orange

urlThere are other colors that can be mentioned like bright pinks and purples, but I feel the three I have listed are the easiest to look like a total goof ball in.

First piece of advice, if you are a larger man, you may want to make sure you never purchase these colors.  Whether fat, thick, overly muscular, or whatever it may be, a man with a larger body is going to stick out like a sore thumb wearing shirts that have these radiant colors.

I know the spring time is rolling around now, and it is time to break out the florals, but be somewhat conservative and shoot for the pale colored blues, pinks, and reds like we mentioned.  The bright oranges, greens, and yellows don’t go with much anyways.  Way back when, in high school, it was okay to see a guy with a solid, blood red button down, but now it just looks silly.  A nice black suit can be ruined by a shirt selection like that.  The solid, bright colors are really tough to look good in.  They are not tough to stand out in, but you’ll be standing out for the wrong reasons.  url-1

So remember, this spring and summer, when you’re thinking about wearing the colors that scream at people, do it the right way:

  1. Wear a lighter, paler version of the color.  Imagine that you mixed that heavy lime green color with a bucket of white paint.  Now you have a green worth wearing.
  2. Match your colors up well.  Orange, blue and green go together well.  
  3. Do not ruin a suit with a dark, solid colored shirt (red, green, orange, yellow).
  4. Keep cool and conservative: We are still in the days where keeping it simple is by far the more stylish decision than going overboard with colors and accessories.

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