This Spring’s Best Ties

We’ve mentioned it in previous posts, but this spring, your tie selection can make or break you.  So take our advice and make your tie be exciting, stylish, and sexy all in one.

One trend this spring is a patterned tie (amongst few other things).  You’ve seen the J. Crew ties with the small images plasted all over the tie (a picture of a dog but printed all over the tie), you’ve seen the Vineyard Vines ties that have the whales printed all over them, and you’ve seen the plaid ties in different color schemes.  Well, guess what, they’re still in.  Companies are mixing and matching spring select ties for all sorts of occasions.


These ties by Vineyard Vines are huge during election season (fall) but should be worn year round to not only show your political side, but to show your seasonal style.  Come check them out at The Tony Walker Men’s Shop at 5110 Main Street, Buffalo NY.

vineyard-vinesThis selection of Vineyard Vines ties are some of this spring’s finest.

url-2These ties from J Crew are great, year round, but especially during the warmer weather seasons.


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