Invest in Trends that Last a Lifetime

It’s fashion.  It’s always changing, revamping, renewing, reusing, recycling… An important thing to do when working with fashion is to understand which trends will last and which are just temporary.  Let’s have a look:url-10

Clothes: We all should understand that things clothing such as jeans, button downs, sweaters, and polos will always be in style.  Granted, there will be different styles of all of these pieces, you should feel comfortable in investing in a quality pair of straight leg, slim fit jeans, a nice cotton sweater, a few cotton-pique polos, and a few nice slim fitting button down shirts.  They are items that can last a lifetime.

The items that are a bit more risky are things that you’ll see a lot of celebrities wearing when the trend is hot, such as overalls, fedoras, sneakers, and crazy colors.  These are the things to be careful on spending lots of money on.  I bet those red shoes look sick, but are they really worth dropping $300 when once you get them you realize you can only wear them a few times a year?

Be smart when shopping for clothes.  Remember that the basic items in the basic colors are most likely going to remain in your closet for years to come.  So choose wisely on your jackets, pants, shirts, and more.

Haircuts: Lucky for most men, a bad haircut can be resolved within a few weeks time (usually).  If your barber or stylist gives you a butch cut, you’ve got a few weeks to let the top grow out, visit a new barber/stylist, and have them clean/tighten up your do.  You can try on all sorts of looks like buzz cuts, flow, tighten-ups and know that you can fix it up in a few weeks if things don’t turn out the way you’d like.  So feel free to be a little more care free with your wig.  Women are a completely different story.  Be careful!sports spectacular 210512

Glasses: Glasses should last you at least two years.  Don’t buy the ones that are ultra-hipster.  You don’t want to abuse an exotic look.  Be somewhat cautious when shopping for glasses.  It’s real easy to look real stupid in a bad pair of glasses.  Check Biebs for example:Justin-Bieber-Glasses

Jackets: If we’re talking winter jackets, my advice is to be sure you pick a winner.  You don’t want to buy the big, red, flannel jacket and realize that you look like a fire truck when you put it on for the second time.  Take your time when buying jackets.IMG_1407

Shoes: Sneakers will last you an average of about a year, so you have a little bit of flexibility when shopping for them.  But still, be cautious of major price points.  When shopping for dress shoes, you should feel that they can last you anywhere from 2 to ten years.  Take your time shopping for these and do it right!  73956_3843128040763_1998723820_n


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