The Thing You Should Know About Wearing Seersuckers

I’ve often heard people who wear seersucker suits get complimented simply because they are wearing seersucker and people are not used to seeing it.  An oversized, un-tailored seersucker suit can be mistaken for a stylish wardrobe to the untrained eye, simply because in areas like Buffalo, people don’t often wear them.

I am not the biggest fan of a seersucker suit.  I think that sometimes the suit itself can be a little too much.  It can be too “Yuppy”, it can be over the top, but sometimes, it can be just right.  I feel as if it is a real hit or miss piece to wear and that you should wear it with caution.  Be sure that the suit is tailored appropriately and that you have the right shoes to wear with it.  Remember that seersucker is meant for spring and summer, and a pair of lighter shoes should be worn with it.  Don’t be afraid to dress it down with some casual footwear like Tretorns.

My advice on wearing seersuckers this spring/summer is to wear them like this:photo-2

I think that wearing a pair of seersucker pants (regardless of the color) with a dark or light, solid, colored jacket is such a stylish look.  You will really show off your inner style by wearing a wardrobe similar to this.  A patterned tie with this wardrobe would like impeccable.

Also, a seersucker that I am fond of, but not quite as sold on as the first I showed you, is a seersucker jacket with solid-colored pants.  The pants can be a light or dark shade and can match the jacket or can be a complimentary color.  Like blue to red or red to blue (or gold/yellow to blue).  Here’s an example: url-9


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