The One Room You Need to Keep Clean

If you are a home-owner or an apartment-renter, chances are you have a bedroom, a kitchen, a living room, and a bathroom (at least).  Which of these bad boys do you think is the most important to keep the cleanest?  url-6

Bathroom!  Obviously, keeping a clean house is a trend I will promote, but if you are a slob, and need to keep one at tip-top shape, let it be your bathroom.  Remember the days when you’d go to your college buddies house for a party and you’d go to take a leak and you walk into the bathroom and see piles of hair everywhere, wet towels on the floor, a toilet that is reminiscent of a public urinal, and a sink that has that brown color in there that you really don’t know how to explain?  Yeah, me too.url-7

You don’t want to bring home your possible future wife and have her impressions of you immediately tainted because your bathroom is similar to one out of the movie Animal House.  So do yourself a favor and mop down the floors, bleach the tub, sink, and toilet, wipe down the mirrors, and get all the hair out of the shower and off the floors!  A clean bathroom is not only pleasant for other people to see, but should allow you to feel a bit more comfortable in your daily visits.


One thought on “The One Room You Need to Keep Clean

  1. Interesting picture. Do you recommend handicapped railings in all showers and near all toilets? Just kidding, great post.

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