With all of the movies and shows to emerge since this post, is it still the same?


Personally, I am a huge movie buff.  Anything that catches my interest, I most likely will go see.  We will have some posts about movie critics, best movies of the year, movies of the season, movies you should see, and so on and so forth.  There are some movies that after seeing you are just “Wowed” by the wardrobes that were put together and the style that was portrayed.  Here are our top ten most stylish movie/TV casts (last to first):

10. Boardwalk Empire

It’s a bit unfortunate that today’s civilization does not dress the way that of the 1920s used to.  It seemed as if there was never a moment that didn’t capture pure elegance and class.  Boardwalk Empire may have ended their most recent season on a terrible note, but they sure do dress well!

9. Mr. & Mrs. Smith

As if Brad and Angelina aren’t stylish enough…

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