Roll Em’ Up and Tie It Up

Today’s #TOD is for the men who struggle to find a look to wear in the night, the morning, or even out on the town: Wear a slim fit button down shirt with the sleeves rolled to the elbows and sport a tie.  photo

33-Shirts-1With this dynamic duo, you can accomplish all sorts of different looks with your shirt/tie combos.  The patterns are limitless and regardless of what you choose, you are dressed up.  The slim fitting aspect of this outfit is essential.  If you are wearing a baggy shirt, it will look as if you are a 50 year old accountant getting out of work after a long day.  Also, with this look, you are pretty much dressed appropriate for any event other than a wedding.

Remember, you ARE NOT going for the, “Just got out of work/sloppy” look.  Rather, you want to be sure you are tightly tucked in and that you look slim and trim.  Good luck.


** Side note:  Wear a skinnier tie.  Not exactly a skinny tie, but by no means should you be wearing a wide tie with this look.**


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