Are Cuffed Pants Back?

We already know that floods are back in style (we just aren’t calling them floods), but now, the cuffed pant look is making a come back?  Really?  I’m actually excited about it, because back in the day I wrote a post stating the type of pants men should be wearing and the type of pants they should not.  The pants they should not be wearing were cuffed/pleated pants and the pants they should be wearing are straight leg, slim cut, non-cuffed, non-pleated pants.  But as everything does, especially in the fashion world, things are changing.  The cuffed pant look is back!url

So go find the old cuffed pants (so long as they are not pleated) and as Jay Z says, “Bring Em’ Out”.  I’d consider tapering them up before throwing them back on, and understand that hemming may need to be done as well.  Not to worry, bring them into Tony Walker Men’s Shop and we’ll do it for you.  url-1

Whether the pants are a one-piece or a two-piece (suit pants) don’t be shy to wear the cuffed-pant look again so long as they fit the way the should.  It’s easy to look stupid in a pair of pants that are dated and don’t fit, so do the work and listen to my word before just throwing them back on.  There’s today’s #TOD, hope you enjoyed.  


5 thoughts on “Are Cuffed Pants Back?

  1. I think you need to look at the generations and their tastes. For post war folks like my dad, and the baby boom generation like me, I don’t think cuffs ever went out. I always recommend when asked ~ 1 1/4″ cuff and the pant should be 9″ wide if your shoe is smaller than a size ten, and 9 1/2″ width if you have size 10 +. For the Genxers and the Millennials, the straight leg and floods seem to have taken hold. To each his own I guess.

    • Nice comment. I agree that cuffed pants didn’t just up and leave the older generation. Then again, I think the younger crowd tends to be more on the up than that of our parents groups so we need to give them the heads up. That being said, I’ve never stopped liking the way cuffed pants looked on my Dad, but you weren’t going to catch me wearing any. Now that may have changed a bit. Shoot me an email if you’d be interested in writing some material. As you see from Tony Walker Today’s post, there are plenty of beneficial reasons to join the J Norman team.

  2. That reply is really from JNorman’s dad, JRobert. He’s talking style, not fashion. The good news is that JNorman will be wearing 9″ pants with cuffs and pleats by 2014. I think we can safely say the Pee-Wee Herman look will be left for gender confused men and Europeans who can’t afford a whole new wardrobe.

    I can’t wait to see the new JNorman & Co Men’s Shop opening soon at the Walker Center. By the way, when is the grand opening?

    • J Norman & Co Men’s Shop grand opening day has still yet to be determined, but is talks now and will happen soon.

      There is a big difference between styles of different age groups and this article is one that addresses that topic. The “flood” look is not really that of floods and not meant to replicate any of Pee Wee’s old dos, it is rather more of a spring and summer look that may continue to thrive or may slip away. Regardless, trends change so often (probably too often) in the fashion world and it’s just always interesting to see what will thrive next and whether or not we will like it. There are certainly trends that are big, that I will not support. Fedoras and rolled pants are examples.

  3. I believe that when we arcaopph this situation asking the question do I have to dress up for church? we have already lost the battle. It isn’t a matter of establishing rules or being legalistic about how we dress for church, but it is about establishing a disposition of reverent worship. I would never say that God is going to reject someone because they are wearing flip-flops in church, or even that God isn’t going to accept someone’s worship because they are dressed immodestly. But I do think that God’s grace should keep us with a constant disposition of gratitude, respect and honor. When we enter God’s house to worship him corporately on a weekly basis, we do so to have an encounter with the divine; Jesus’ death on the cross allows us to have this opportunity. This appointment with divinity should be arcaopphed with a sense of respect, honoring the fact that God humbled himself to suffer a brutal death on a cross for our sins. Christians should arcaopph Sunday morning worship as a divine appointment, one that deserves our upmost respect. How does this translate to the clothes we wear? It is different for everyone. Maybe you wear your nice jeans, or maybe you wear a tie. Reverential dress looks different in different contexts and it would be wrong for me to project my cultural ideals onto someone else’s context. And besides, this shouldn’t become an area of judgement. It is simply important to arcaopph the throne with a disposition of reverence. And when it comes to making others feel uncomfortable because they may not fit in, it takes a lot more than clothes to make someone feel out of place or unaccepted; my first inclination would be that there is an issue of the heart (pride, self-centeredness) with the church members rather than an issue of dress. Church members should inundate outsiders with a sense of love and acceptance that doesn’t even allow the visitor the chance to make comparisons. Everything about an appointment with the divine should point to God. Onlookers should see a group of people who are gathering together to celebrate something that is entirely out of this world. Our arcaopph to every aspect of Sunday morning worship should inspire awe in the onlooker and make them ask the question: what do they have that I don’t?

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