#TipOfTheDay – Breakfast On The Go

About a week ago we suggested you Discover Your Inner Chef, well here’s a quick way to do that first thing in the morning when you’re pressed for time.  Here you will learn how to make a quick and easy breakfast sandwich that is much healthier, and cheaper than the ones you would buy at some fast food chain.

  1. Begin toasting bagel or english muffin
  2. Crack an egg into a small bowl.  This bowl should be about the size of the bagel/english muffin.  Add a teaspoon of water and use a fork to whisk thoroughly.
  3. Put bowl in microwave for 45 seconds.  Times will vary depending on your microwave, but you can tell if the egg is cooked if it has puffed up and there is no water remainingmicrowaveegg
  4. Place the slice of cheese on the bottom half of the bread, stack the cooked egg on top, and place the upper half of the bagel/toast on it.
  5. Enjoy!  

All that in a matter of a few minutes.  Ditch the drive through, save money, and be healthier!


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