Weekend Jams

Check the visuals that A$AP Rocky just dropped for his song “Wild for the Night” featuring Skrillex.


Baseball Boys, Enjoy

This video should be awesome to the common viewer, but should be phenomenal to anyone who has ever played baseball at some sort of competitive level.  This quick, minute long sequence shows you the perspective from every athlete on the field, and if you’re like me, should bring back tons of memories.  I miss my good old baseball days (and by that I mean I miss my time in the bullpen).  Enjoy this great commercial by Dick’s Sporting Goods:

Never. Stop. Learning.

Each day is a new opportunity to further your skills and knowledge.  Remember, Smart is Sexy?  Well, it’s true.  Lucky for you, the internet is full of useful information.  Whether it’s learning a new skill like cooking, taking an educational course, build a website, starting a business, or learning how to dress, your answers are only a search away.  Well…what are you waiting for?

It’s Real Easy to Look Bad Wearing…

Today’s segment of It’s Real Easy to Look Bad Wearing, focuses on the ever popular pant of the season, the khaki.  Khaki pants are undoubtably one of the easiest pants to just look flat out goofy in.  Whether too big, too small, too skinny, a bad zipper, stains, the wrong shoes, the wrong socks, it just seems to me that everything stands out more when you’re wearing khakis.  url-3

I believe that one of the best khaki pants you can find is a slim cut, chino pant (khaki).  I love the light colored chino pants with colors like light red or blue, but since we are focusing on khakis with khaki color, I’ll save that shpeel for another day.  Be careful washing and drying your khakis.  It’s easy to mess up a $100 + pair of J Crew khakis by throwing them in the washer/dryer.  The shriveled up, undersized pant can look much shittier in khakis than it can with a pair of jeans.  These, for instance, are not the style and fit you want your khakis to withhold:url-4

So my advice is to invest in a really nice pair of khakis as well as a piar of kick-around ones that you can wear more casually.  One of my favorite looks is a pair of nice khaki pants with a trim, navy blazer.  Be sure when you wear this, you don’t look like a banker.  url-5

The Shoe of the Season

We saw monk straps in fall now what will the popular trend be in spring?  I’ve already preached my favoritism on Tretorn, basic white, casual, sneakers, as well as the Sperry trend and I will continue to do so.  Just because I am about to announce a popular shoe trend for the spring does not mean you should stuff your wingtips and Tretorns in the closet.  This is just simply a way to cooperate with a fashion trend.  The shoe of this season is the loafer: url

Here, we feature a pair of Gucci loafers that can be replicated by many companies if you aren’t up for dropping Gucci money.  These loafers can be dressed up and down.  Wear them with a pair of shorts, khakis, or jeans and then wear them with your best charcoal suit.  They’ll be a cooperative hit with whatever you choose.

url-1These are sick.  A little more on the daring/ballsy side, but still very cool indeed.

The next lineup shows you that loafers come in all shapes, sizes, and materials.  Don’t discriminate.  Find your best pair or pairs today and wear them appropriately this spring season.


Will You See This?

As I’m sure you’ve noticed, we’re fans of Gosling.  His new movie would normally strike me as a little cheesy when prefacing the trailer with a dirt bike scene and overly-done tattoos, but then we came to see that the film is a crime drama that is sure to bring about some emotion.  The director of Blue Valentine was in charge of this film, and for any of you who have seen that, you know it was a film based on a rocky relationship on an emotional roller coaster, and that this new film may be similar.  That being said, I’d like to see it.  Check it out:


Did You Know?

There are those situations where losing something actually means you gain something (in whatever metaphoric way you look at it).  This one, however, is not one for the better.


When you lose sleep, you are more likely to gain weight.  Though you would think that staying up later and longer means you are burning more calories, you actually are more likely to put on unhealthy weight from being deprived of sleep.  Studies show that people who average 5 hours of sleep a night, in comparison to those who average 8 hours a night,  are more likely to put on more weight for reasons of eating more and fatigue.

Earn Your Stripes

This spring and summer, you will see a return of stripes in the men’s fashion world.  I’m not talking your basic vertical and horizontal stripes that you see on your basic button down shirts, I’m talking blocks of stripes.  Stripes that stand out, that have more than two colors, that do not occupy the entire shirt.

url-4This shirt, by Michael Bastian is just one of many of the striped designs you will soon be seeing.