This Spring’s Hottest Trends

Spring is nearly here and if you’re like me, you’re hoping it better stop fucking teasing and just put out.  As I look out my office window and see a slushy snow all over the ground, I just sit and reminisce of the sunny days that once were.  They’re coming soon.  And with them will come new fashion trends.  Wanna get ahead of the game?  Take notes:

Colored Desert Boots: Clarks, Opening Ceremony, and Cole Haan are the way to go!

Colored Pants/Shorts: I just recently referred some pants to a friend and hope he makes a good choice, but the way to go with pants today is to find a solid straight leg/slim cut.  Whether it is a denim or khaki you are looking for.  Straight leg and slim are mandatory!  As for the shorts, keep them above the knee this year boys. I love J Brand and J Crew while more moderate priced pants can be found at Gap, Express, American Eagle and Tony Walker Men’s Shop.

Vests: Vineyard Vines and Victorinox make great, lightweight vests that are appropriate for the cooler spring days and maintain the windbreaker material.  Stay in style and bring some color with each vest.  Polo and J Crew bring some nice tweed vests for the spring (and fall) seasons. IMG_1451

Ties: Brighten up your tie selection with some of Ralph Lauren and J Crew’s best ones yet:


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