Shed the Water Weight

Ever feel bloated, want to lose some water weight? Want to shed a few pounds fast?  Here are a few safe, healthy ways to do just that.url-5

1. Clean up your diet:

– Avoid foods high in salt and/or sodium- These two cause your body to retain those water fluids. Be sure to check labels and as a general rule of thumb, just avoid processed and frozen foods.

– Sugar – Sugar increases insulin levels, which decreases the body’s ability to excrete sodium—aka, salt.  A good place to start is with all of those high sugar drinks, including soda and diet soda.

– Add natural diuretics – Look to add foods that are high in potassium, fiber, and magnesium.

2. Drink water, lot’s of it – But isn’t this what we’re trying to get rid of?  Yes, but the more water you drink the less your body retains.  It also helps to flush out your system.  Aim to drink atleast 12 glasses of water per day.  Oh, and make sure you’re near a bathroom. 

3. Sweat it out! – Exercise helps you lose water weight by draining excess fluids by sweating them out.  Utilize a sauna or steam room to really work up a good sweat after you’ve hit the gym hard.

4. No more booze -If you really want to lose that water weight cut out the alcohol intake.  It leads to dehydration, which results in water retention.  In addition, alcohol sometimes makes you eat a few late night snacks you will regret the next day.


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