What You Need to Know About Swim Trunks

Today’s Tip of the Day: Swim trunks evolve just like the rest of fashion does, so it is important to know what is in and what is out.  Know this: Shorter swim trunks (above the knee) are in!


Polo and Lacoste both make a great, new, swim trunk.  Both companies sell trunks that are stylish and have great color patterns.  The trunks have pinpoint logo placement and just look damn good.  Remember that when shopping for your trunks this year, have them fit you a little snugger and a little shorter.  It may seem uncomfortable at first, but then remember what chicks walk around wearing… I think you can handle it.  url-4

These Lacoste shorts are actually really sick.  Stop in at Tony Walker Men’s Shop at 5110 Main Street, Buffalo, New York and scope out some of the freshest new swim gear available. 

… And don’t worry, the surfer shorts are still safe.  I’ll be wearing a mix of both.


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